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petition to remake zero hour with a different dylan


sure must have hurt as hell to be ignored and have it recorded on camera. I feel bad. Let’s just enjoy the bold and confidant walk.

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before i forget, i actually had a tj dream. for whatever reason, the jail had a program where inmates could stay with roommates and get a job, so we were the roommates? its kinda funny because my actual roommate has guns lol. a murderer living with two people who have guns in the apt. anyway, he was a weird little shit who stole my panties, drew on the walls, and ran off instead of getting a job. i woke up after the cops decided to bring him back to me…

like, in all honesty i can see how they find them cute. tj is a cute kid and they’d think so whether or not he shot kids. that’s literally just his face. all these little school shooters, they look like basic high school/uni boys. that’s what they’re into. behind the trenchcoats and killer shirts is the same fucking acne, cracking voices, and awkwardness they all have. cold-blooded killers or not, some people can just look past that shit. it’s nbd until they start planning their own sprees.

can’t wait for these tags to die down with these holier than thou people. y’alls grandmas and mommas probably thought jeffrey dahmer and richard ramirez were fine as fuck. let these little girls have their harmless little fantasies and fanfic about dead and incarcerated little boys who like video games, pokemon, and kitty cats. hormones are wild ok.